Valentine’s Ideas (that don’t just involve a box of chocolate)

Valentine’s Date Night and Gift Ideas

This year is my first Valentine’s Day as a wife and the first with my husband. With both of those things in mind, I’ve been brainstorming ideas to celebrate the occasion, and wanted to share some of my ideas with you. I will note before I begin, that showing love to your spouse should be a daily thing, not just a February 14th thing, so these ideas are great for anytime of the year.

valentine's day date and gift ideas

 Date Night and Gift Ideas

  • Make dinner together at home: cooking together is a great bonding experience for some, if done in the framework of a team with assigned roles. Have one person prepare the main course, another the sides, or one person make an appetizer, the other dessert. Doing separate things and/or dividing them up between who likes to do what (my husband enjoys cooking proteins and carbs, I prefer vegetable sides and desserts for instance) can help mitigate butting heads over cooking and baking methods. Set a fancy table, throw on some music, and enjoy each others’ company.
  • Do something for the other person: in married life, there are likely big tasks that get put aside in favor of everyday chores. The laundry may always get done on time, but the bedroom closet may resemble a supernova, ready to blow up into the rest of the bedroom at any moment. There are also likely tasks that haven’t been done, that really bother one or both of you, like a messy garage. So, rather than buying a gift or going out, a gift of service is a great option. Something can be done alone, to surprise your spouse, or something larger can be tackled together with a favorite snack to enjoy once complete. Garage organization and pizza anyone?
  • Plan a date night with another couple: Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally done independently, double dates and group dates shouldn’t be ignored completely. You could plan to do your own thing on the 14th, but in the theme of the romantic season, plan a date night with another couple. This could be dinner and games, going out somewhere together, or just simple fellowship over coffee.
  • Try something new: Is there something you and your spouse have always wanted to try, why not do it? Is there a gift card you haven’t used, because it deviates from your normal hobbies, give that a go. Do something that is different from your everyday routine. The change of pace will make it feel special, and separate it from other date nights.
  • Pay special attention to your spouse’s love language: We all feel and show love differently through our love languages. How we like to receive love, is often how we show love to others as well. There is nothing wrong with this, but we should pay attention to our spouse’s love language and show them love in that way as well. Don’t get me wrong, they will still feel loved by you when you use your own language, but they may feel it more deeply if they are given love the way they like. My husband isn’t one for taking a random quiz or reading a book on it, so what helped me figure out his love language was paying attention to how he showed love to me and taking notes of his requests. 
  • Take the time to indulge in your spouse: be it learning how to massage them properly, learning how to participate in one of their hobbies, or giving them time to do what they enjoy. Yes, Valentine’s Day is about both of you, but marriage is also about sacrifice at times and not giving in to our own selfish tendencies. For instance, if your husband has had a stressful work week, he may not want to do anything extravagant or go out, he  likely just wants to relax. So celebrate love, by helping him do so. Make his favorite meal and give him time to do what he needs to relax. Our spouses do a lot for us in the course of a year, so it’s important to do something special for them, without expecting anything in return.
  • If you like traditions, stick with them: If you want a fancy dinner reservation, book it. If you appreciate flowers and chocolates, let your spouse know. There is nothing wrong with traditions and cheesy cliches. So buy those gushy cards, blow up a heart shaped balloon, and indulge in all of the chocolate, as long as you are celebrating together, it really doesn’t matter. pink flowers valentine's day gift ideas

Always put God first

  • Make time for God together: Your marriage is a blessing from God, so it is important to spend time together in prayer or to read your Bible together and discuss what God taught you through it. Christ should be at the center of your relationship, and since marriage brings you together as one, it is important to keep God as what holds you together (Colossians 1: 15-23). Fun fact: Colossians 1:17 was what I had engraved on the inside of my husband’s wedding ring!
  • Make time for God alone: God should be both first in your life and loved most. So it’s important that both of you take time to be with God and make that time your priority. Christ helps us to be the best versions of ourselves, helping us to love better. If we don’t put God first and stop having quality time with Him, our marriages will struggle. We risk turning our spouse into an idol, giving them a burden they were never meant to bare. We also risk making other people or things an idol, to fill the void only God can fill. This is especially dangerous if we start feeling like our spouse has failed to do so, and begin to place our marriage aside as well. Remember we are God’s first and need time with Him, this is the same for both you and your husband. Without God we get sucked into the world and how the world does things, losing sight of what truly matters. It’s God that will help us to choose love when we argue, to forgive when we are let down, and to sacrifice rather than demand things. God has His own purpose for our lives, a purpose that is independent of other commitments: be that marriage, a career, family and friends, or a hobby.

tulips for valentine's day gift ideas

I hope that everyone reading has a great Valentine’s Day! Also,  if you have any ideas you would like to share, feel free to comment below!




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