Planning 2019 and My Resolutions

(I apologize for the delay in this post, my father passed away this morning. Please pray for my family during this difficult time.)

It’s resolution time, or whatever we choose to call the goals, hoping beyond hopes that if we look at them differently, we may actually keep them this year… That was kind of how I used to view them until I realized that it was my approach halting my progress rather than making the goals themselves.

You see, too often, we end up making large scale goals, with little to no planing,  ignoring all of the small steps that are necessary to make them a reality. Another failure point can also be setting too many or too large of a resolution, making them near impossible to complete. SO  I started to take a more simplistic and thoughtful approach to my resolutions, which made 2018 a year of progress in my life.

I will outline my own resolutions below, explaining my approach to help you plan your resolutions as well.


Organize your goals into at least three – four categories. These categories should be central to who you are and what you hope to accomplish in the new year. Categories can be anything from business and finances to travel and fitness goals. Once decided, make a list of goals and projects you would like to complete for each. Remember not to list too many items in each, unless necessary, This year I opted for five in each category – – I chose ‘self, spiritual, fitness and health, and marriage’. You can see the categories I used for 2018 in my last post here.


  • Work on my anxiety and depression
  • Learn to relax more
  • Begin working on my book
  • Work on my blog and video content
  • Improve my photography and writing skills


  • Attend a weekly Bible study
  • Create my own devotionals
  • Volunteer more
  • Consider a mission in the new year
  • Read my Bible more frequently

Fitness and Health:

  • Run a 5K race
  • Improve my strength training, in particular my bench press
  • Get faster on the treadmill
  • Get back to predominantly plant based eating
  • Go outside more


Where my husband first asked me to be his girlfriend
  • Plan something special for my Husband’s birthday
  • Work on my listening skills
  • Do something for Valentine’s day
  • Go on our first trip together
  • Improve my grocery and meal prep skills

Once you’ve broken down your goals, take a moment to reflect on them and figure which are your top priorities for the new year. Another thing that helps, is to see if any of the goals can be combined or fulfilled by another goal, for example, going on a mission could also be something my husband and I could do together. Another example would be that cardio usually helps reduce my anxiety attacks, so improving my running endurance and speed would help relieve some of my anxiety symptoms.



Try to think of specific things that can be done to fulfil each categories’ goals. Another idea would be to just list certain things in a ‘2019 Bucket List’ format and aim to work them into the year where seasonally appropriate. This year I wanted to go skiing and skating, so I planned trips to do both in January. Though you can work your goals into this list, try to focus this list on fun things you would like to do more of or try out for the first time.

My 2019 Bucket List:

  • Run a 5K
  • Go hiking/camping
  • Finish a crochet project
  • Learn a couple of songs on the piano
  • Go on a road trip
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Fix my bike
  • Work on my second and third language skills

Follow Through

What helped me complete most of my 2018 goals, was to adequately plan them out each month and review my progress throughout the year. Each month I would plan out milestones or steps that needed to be taken to complete different goals and at the end of the month I reviewed my progress. I also made sure to actively schedule in my bucket list items. By being mindful with progress it will make it easier to work on your resolutions and restart if you fall off track.


Make sure to take a closer look at each goal and see if there are smaller steps that need to be accomplished to complete the bigger picture. For example, starting a YouTube channel would require me to find a good space to film, investing in quality equipment as the funds become available, and practicing my videography/editing skills. A considerable amount of research would also need to be completed (this I have already started) to ensure the success of such content.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to make giant plans, if smaller goals are sufficient. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose track, so be realistic with yourself, your time, your commitments, and your budget. Also, make sure that your goals are about you and what you would like to bring to this world. Finally, be flexible, life is good at surprising us, and it is perfectly okay to change your plans to accommodate changing circumstances. This isn’t failure, it’s thriving in all conditions. Most importantly, be forgiving if you have setbacks and delays. Life is ultimately how we make it and any progress is good progress. Even if only one thing is completed on my list, it is better than nothing at all.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year (31st celebrations included) and I will see you all in 2019!


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